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Each football player receives the following items from the FBJF. For detailed information regarding each item, click on the item and you the page will scroll to the correct section.

The following items are not supplied:

Important!! You may elect to supply your own equipment, but all equipment must be presented at fittings and inspected or it may not be used!!


While we do our best to ensure a proper fit for your child during out helmet fittings, the ultimate responsibility for a proper fit lies with the parent. If you child is complaining that the helmet is too tight or too loose, we will make do our best to provide access to being refit at any time throughout the year. For first time players especially, it is very common to hear complaints about the helmet feeling tight during the initial weeks of practice. As the players head gets hot during practice, the padding inside the helmet will soften somewhat, and it will eventually conform more closely to individual shape of their head. But, if you're not sure, reach out to the Vice President of Football ( for assistance. If you supply your own helmet:

  • It must be presented for inspection. An FBJF board member must inspect the fit and condition of the helmet.
    • By law, all helmets must be reconditioned no less than once every 2 years. A certification sticker showing the most recent reconditioning must be in place.
    • By law, all helmets have a maximum life of 10 years from initial date of service. After that, the helmet must be destroyed.
  • It must be the same color as the helmets being supplied by the FBJF. This includes the color of the shell, and the facemask.
  • A special note for the 2018 season: We are likely going to change helmet colors for the 2019 season. While helmets can be painted by the manufacturer as part of the refurbishing process, this is a year over year cost you must consider before purchasing your own helmet.
  • The FBJF supplied helmet must be returned at the end of the season.

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Helmet - Chinstrap

Even if you use an FBJF supplied helmet, you may choose to supply your own chinstrap. It is not uncommon for players to get skin rashes under their chincup. Supplying your own chinstrap or even adding a fabric cover to the chincup is always an option.

  • Make sure the straps are black
  • Make sure the straps are thin. Many models of chinstrap have thicker, stiffer straps. These tend not to perform well and can cause a poor fit, especially for smaller sized helmets. This is an important thing to consider. In the past, some of the Under Armour and Sportstar have had these problems. One commonly chosen strap is the Shock Doctor brand.
  • Adding a fabric wrapper is a common fix and there are several inexpensive options available.
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Helmet - Decal/Logo

We typically get these closer to our first game. They will be distributed through our team mom network, and help will be provided for their application to the helmet.

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Helmet - Mouthpiece

You may elect to supply your own mouthpiece. IMPORTANT! These things MUST BE true of the mouth piece your select:

  • Your mouthpiece must be a contrasting color to the uniform. This means NO WHITE, NO BLACK, NO RED. Select a color like a yellow or orange if possible. This is an NGYFA rule, and is designed to make it each for the referees to ensure the players have their mouthpieces in. If you choose the wrong color, the referees may force the player to change the mouthpiece. While coaches should have extra mouthpieces in their coach's kit, the will be new, and won't be sized to their mouth. This can make for a very uncomfortable game.
  • You must attach the mouthpiece to face guard with a lanyard.

Full mouth (over the lip) mouthpieces are an option, but they are MUCH more commonly lost due to their weight causing them to disconnect from their lanyards.

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Game Jersey

The game jerseys will be supplied to all players who signed up during the standard registration period prior to their first game. Any players who signed up during late registration may not receive their jerseys until partway through the season. If this happens, a temporary (generic) Jersey will be supplied to allow the player to participate. The custom jersey for each player is theirs to keep at the end of the season. Some teams elect to purchase a full set of jerseys for their team in one of our alternate color patterns. These jerseys must be purchased through the FBJF, and may only be worn at away games.

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Practice Jersey

The practice jersey supplied will not have a matching number to the players number. It may be red, black, or white. The fit is not monitored closely and it may wear a little large. This is ok. The practice jersey must be returned at the end of the season.

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Two pairs of solid black, pad integrated pants are supplied to every player. These are to be used in both practice and games. These must be returned at the end of the season. Ensure you cinch the belt integrated into the pants tightly before each practice and game. Use and Care: Machine wash, but to not dry the pants. Ensure the pads are flat in their pouches, and hang to dry.

You may elect to supply your own pants/leg pads. If you do, the pants must be an exact match to the uniform. That simply means that they will be solid black with no striping other markings or colors. The belt must be black as well. The most common reason for choosing to supply your own pants is comfort. Some players prefer to wear a pad integrated girdle, and then put a standard non-padded football pant over them. If you do this, make sure that the meet the color guideline above.

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Players must play in their FBJF supplied socks on game days. These are typically delivered closer to our first game through our team mom network. Socks are theirs to keep at the end of the season.

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Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads are supplied by the FBJF. They must be returned at the end of the season. If you elect to purchase your own, you must present those pads at the time of fitting to ensure they fit properly.

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Most of the fields we play on are grass, but more and more are moving to turf. A good general turf/grass cleat is recommended. Players who play positions on the offensive or defensive line often prefer a taller heeled shoe to help stabilize their ankles. In general, a mid-height shoe is common. Low height heels are much less common as they don't provide as much ankle support. Many players are choosing Lacrosse style cleats as well. The movement they are designed for is very similar to football.

  • We often have people donate lightly used cleats to the organization that a child has outgrown. If you are in need of assistance in getting cleats, check with a board member to see if we have ones in your players size.
  • If you find yourself with a set of cleats in like-new condition, you may donate them for players in need. See any board member.

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A lightweight undershirt should be worn under the pads. Later in the season, a long sleeve shirt may be more appropriate. In general, any of the "wicking" fabrics that carry sweat away from the body work well. Some of the undershirts offer integrated padding in the spine or ribs. Make sure to try these on with pads over them to ensure a comfortable fit.

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