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Welcome to Flowery Branch High Schol

The Flowery Branch Junior Falcons woud like to welcome you to our field at Flowery Branch High School. Here are some important details about our facilities to help make your game day visit the best it can be!

Correct Address

First, in 2018, Hall County Schools moved the Flowery Branch High School to what was previously Davis Middle School. Be careful when navigating by GPS as some systems may still have the school at it's old location.

The current/correct address is:

Flowery Branch High School
4450 Hog Mountain Rd
Flowery Branch, GA 30542

Entry to the grounds

All admission to the grounds is via the ticket booth at the east end of the field, near the new field house. To get to this entrance:

Hog Mountain Road:
There are two road entrances to the school from Hog Mountain Road. At the end of either entrance you will turn left, and follow signs to take you around to the back of the high school.

There is a ticketing entrance on the west side of the grounds is at the bottom of the northern most road entrance. THIS ENTRANCE IS CLOSED ON GAME DAYS. You are only permitted to enter from the entrance nearest the field house on the east end of the field.

Handicapped/Special Needs Access:

If you require handicapped/special needs access to the grounds, please come to the normal ticketing entrance and notify the people at the ticketing area. They will be able to unlock the entry gates on the west end of the grounds where handicapped parking is available, as well as easy access factilities.

Rosters and Music:

Please bring your football and cheer rosters to the announcer in the press box. We have the ability to play cheer music via any of the following:

1) Email to the annoucer
2) USB Drive
3) Headphone jack on a phone
4) CD

Email is our prefered method. Simply ask the annoucer for the address.

We sincerely hope your visit to our facilites is a great one. Good luck to your teams, and let's play some football!